Next year is the year for Lipscomb basketball

From a spectator’s perspective, April is the deadest month for college basketball. I should’ve thought about that when I was choosing a topic for my weekly blog. Pretty much everything out there in the blogosphere right now has to do with recruiting rumors or guys foaming at the mouth over new coaching hires. Boring stuff like […]


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Lipscomb could beat Villanova

Confession: I haven’t been to team workouts since the last game. I didn’t even go to school yesterday. Being a freshman is catching up with me, and I gave myself the long weekend to go home and catch the Atlanta Braves’ Opening Day game vs. the Washington Nationals. The Braves resemble a below-average minor-league team […]

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Celebrating on the bench

I’m pretty depressed about Lipscomb basketball. There’s still four rounds of March Madness left. The Bisons have already had two weeks off since the last loss and started workouts for next year. I don’t even want to talk about any of the teams that are left in the bracket. But, if you want to read some […]

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Managers keep hoop dreams alive

George W. Bush ruined my intramural basketball game Monday night. Yes, this is a real thing that happened. Actually, Lipscomb just closed the Student Activity Center to host a donor event. But I still blame Dubya for crushing my hoop dreams for the night. One of the first questions everyone asks me (and all other managers, I […]

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Meet the end of the Bison bench

This is the end of the bench, where the athletes in knee braces and cheap suits sit. This is the end of the bench, where the water floweth eternally and the towels are abundant. Life is different here; injured players are transformed into assistant coaches, and healthy players with little chance of playing time–Lipscomb’s own Club Trillion–cheer their […]

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