Next year is the year for Lipscomb basketball

From a spectator’s perspective, April is the deadest month for college basketball. I should’ve thought about that when I was choosing a topic for my weekly blog. Pretty much everything out there in the blogosphere right now has to do with recruiting rumors or guys foaming at the mouth over new coaching hires. Boring stuff like that. Instead, I figured I’d give the Internet what it wants this week. Let’s make some loud predictions and set some unrealistic expectations.


The Bisons will win the A-Sun Tournament this year and advance to the NCAA Tournament.

Like I said, loud predictions.

What I meant to say was that this year is The Year, if any year of my managerial career is gonna be The Year.

Josh Williams is guaranteed only one more year, even though he should get another year back after a season-ending injury twelve games into last season, pending appeal.

Captain J.C. Hampton will be a senior.

Rising sophomores Garrison Mathews and Eli Pepper are going to get interest from bigger schools as transfer options if they prove themselves again this year.

North Florida, regular-season A-Sun champs, graduated the two best players in the conference in Beau Beech and Mid-Major Player of the Year Dallas Moore. They will be looking to reload next year with a new core.

The point is, the window may not be wide open, but it’s cracked. You don’t always get to choose when the window is cracked, but with the recruiting class Lipscomb has coming in, (athletes Kenny Bunton and Michael Buckland, and hometown point guard Kenny Cooper) veterans with only a year or two left and the state of the rest of the league, the Bisons have a better chance now than they will for a while.

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