Meet the end of the Bison bench

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 10.18.07 PM
Squad goals.

This is the end of the bench, where the athletes in knee braces and cheap suits sit. This is the end of the bench, where the water floweth eternally and the towels are abundant. Life is different here; injured players are transformed into assistant coaches, and healthy players with little chance of playing time–Lipscomb’s own Club Trillion–cheer their tail off for their teammates. This is the end of the bench, where the managers are as close to the action as they’ll ever be.

This is the end of the bench.

I’m Cole Gray, freshman student assistant  manager  water boy for the Lipscomb University men’s basketball team. The end of the bench is my domain (along with my fellow soldiers Dallas Bunton, Brennan Boucher and Zack Olley). It’s a strange place. I want you to meet the people I share every Lipscomb men’s basketball game with. They might come up again. Honestly, I don’t know. We here at Views (meaning, me) are flying by the seat of our pants as we start this blog.


I promise there will eventually be a better photo than the screengrab above.

From left to right:

Dallas Bunton (behind referee): Fellow freshman manager. My roommate. Bible/youth ministry major. Questionable skill level. Unquestionable enthusiasm. Older brother of 2016 recruit Kenny Bunton, aka K-Butter. Catchphrase: “That’s a freakin’ SHOT.” Generally heard after Garrison Mathews three-point bombs.

Brennan Boucher (behind net): Junior manager/team mom. Undisputed head manager. Eligible Ring by Spring candidate. Future teacher of small children. Probably her last year managing, as she will spend most of next year student teaching. This worries me because it means I will actually have to do work next year.

Me: Yep, that’s me. The one with the terrible posture and long hair. I would tell you more about myself, but I want you to keep coming back, and, y’know, mystery.

Talbott Denny: Not a ginger. (OK, maybe a ginger, but you wouldn’t call him one to his face). Senior, out for the season. Recently became a member of #OurLabrum, a club started by Lipscomb basketball players that have had labrum surgery. J.C. Hampton, J.J. Butler and Josh Williams are the other members as of this writing.

Rob Marberry: Redshirt transfer from Western Kentucky. May or may not actually go to class. Noted possessor of “dad bod.” Only a year older than I am, but looks at least 20 years older. This has nothing to do with the fact that I look like a gangly 12-year-old.

Zack Olley: (not pictured, probably filming) I’m putting Zack on here even though you can’t see him, because he’ll almost certainly come up again. Sophomore manager from New Jersey, beat me once in one-on-one after practice. I thirst for revenge. Once I blocked his shot with two hands–no, grabbed it out of the air–during a game of two-on-two as retaliation. We still aren’t close to being even.

These are my people. Hopefully they’ll make many more appearances as you journey with me throughout the rest of this college basketball season. Is there a specific person you would like to hear from personally on this blog? Or should I interview someone? Or keep flying by the seat of my pants and hope enough funny stuff happens throughout the year to keep you entertained?


Note: This blog owes a lot to Mark Titus’ hilarious Club Trillion blog from a few years back. Please read it. It’s old but it’s worth it.

3 thoughts on “Meet the end of the Bison bench

  1. Your first post was such an enjoyable read Cole! The perspective you chose is interesting to hear about, and I love the touch of humor you added to your writing. I think it would be really cool for you to write a post about interviewing a coach. I look forward to following your blog!


  2. I love the voice your post has! I felt like I was talking to you in person rather than reading something you wrote. I think you should continue doing that but with more direction to your post. I really enjoyed it!


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